Friday, April 30, 2010


my favourite niece! :)

This holiday are weight gaining and movie freak time. :) very fruitful one indeed! haha..

I did very interesting exercise to increase my creativity lately. I found it from creative curio. this exercise has already doodle on it (blue pen), while I need to create an image out of it.

I also just found out that KK has a chocolate boutique. Went there with Frances, Mandy, Vern, Gar and Clara. :) hehe forgot to take picture of chocolate I made. the chocolate is really rich and delicious. Oh.. this reminds me of the delicious durian chocolate cake that Silvia and Caleb bought for me. Miss it loads.. Oh and I love the packaging as well.. very pretty.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little thought to ponder on

"...for the person i care, all that i got from him is just nothing more than the silence of the air.."

Isn't it irony how life are. some people who you care about, respond nothing more than the silence of the air. However, people whom you care the least, responded nothing less than the sound of fireworks.

So who do you think is the person you should care for?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Choices Choices choices...

Found a place to stay already. But there's pros and cons. It takes about 15 minutes for me to walk to college. should I continue to stay in the hostel or move to further place? Hostel expensive, dirty but very near college. The new place will be very far from college but very nice and clean the house, plus, I get my own room and got air-con as well. Or should I wait for another alternative?

Choices choices choices... You're never that easy, ya know?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Little things that weight as big things

A lot of things happened in this semester. erm.. actually just 2 things that happened. Eventhough its just 2 things, but it felt like its just tooo much! And I'm really really frustrated with it..

First I need to find a house before this sem end because the hostel fee will be increased to Rm 400! I don't understand why they keep on giving us new policy for the hostel this year, saying need to pay for 'repairing and management fee' and they only support the bills for Rm 150 only. So now, my housemates and I gonna move out. But where?????.....

I've been borrowing the college's dslr now. And just now, the person told me that there's a small scratch at the side of the dslr screen. There's a possibility that I need to pay for the damage.. I really hope that they would have mercy..

Fan ah!!!!!!!

Ok.. I need to move on and need..... a faith that can move a mountain!! :) Yup That's it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Republic New Album

Designed by Me.. :)
I'm really glad that Mr Foo is satisfied with 2 of it. Fuh~ he's really hard to pleased. For my first assignment, got I got shoot so badly..

He thinks that this both got potential. :)

I've been browsing through Elegant-Extraganza lately. haha.. still thinking whether to buy a new clothes for cny through there or not..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bubbly day

Last night was a night that I would use a modified version of a malay peribahasa (how do you call this in english?). It is "Seperti buih dalam daging" instead of "Seperti duri dalam daging".

It became buble this morning. While I was writting, Had a bit difficulty coz can't really pressed down my hand on the paper. So tempted to burst it. What would happen if i burst it? or what happen if i don't? I'm not really an expert in this.

Today photography class, we need to do our own camera using cardboard and film. Quite interesting. I get to create my very own Lomo.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Beautiful You


More Beautiful You song depicts the story of how a young girl never satisfied with who they are, and they ended up buying all the lies of the world that told them what 'beauty' is.

I love this song soo much. :)